Infrastructure Management Services

STPL’s Infrastructure Management services enable organizations to optimize, secure, manage and support mission-critical infrastructure. STPL delivers solutions that drive business process as well as improve the availability, reliability and performance of desktops, data center, network and security infrastructure. Leveraging its multi-shore capabilities, STPL combines expert consulting, integration, support and managed services with world-class customer service to help organizations reduce IT costs, increase efficiencies and manage risk in the data center. STPL’s spectrum of innovative Infrastructure Management solutions are delivered through Centers of Excellence (CoE), utilizing the proven Hybrid Offshore-Onsite Delivery Model and Framework.


Service Descriptions

Desktop Management
Identify and discover all networked assets like workstations, printers, routers, servers and others and create asset knowledge repository of ownership details, inventory information and more. Provide proactive assistance in managing software licenses by tracking usage, group licensing and policy definitions. Complete configuration, system reinstallation and restore through OS deployment and imaging & troubleshooting device issues.
End Point Management
Automatically keeps servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates. Install, manage and update virus, spam and spyware/malware software (security). Install and manage OS software updates and patches. Maintain a complete patch status for every machine to get an instant view of number of patches installed, missing, denied, pending and failed. Install and manage firewalls.
Backup & Recovery
Did you know that natural disasters, such as hurricane or flood only account for approximately 2% of all business disasters while hardware failures and human error account for more than 70%? STPL’s Recovery Practice is a centralized management of your backup and recovery needs simple and automated, so you can ensure your plans are in place and on track. It provides imaged-based backup technology to take live real-time snapshots of your entire systems for fast, complete system recovery.
Directory Management
With changing business trends and need for speed in everything, Active Directory management has changed remarkably. With new trends such as IT compliance governing business, efficiency at short notice seems to be the order of the day. Every organization deals with organizational change on a regular basis—most commonly the loss and addition of personnel. Ensuring that each system and the corresponding user contact information is accounted for properly is paramount to a successful IT systems management strategy. Undocumented, these changes could lead to un-managed systems on the network that could pose a huge risk to the security, availability and performance of the entire IT environment. STPL’s Directory Managed Services provide complete adherence to your IT governance policies and performs all tasks like password reset, creation of new users, deletion of users, and more.
Network Monitoring
The number of users that run into a problem on critical systems increases exponentially with time. Early warning allows for user notification and redundancy measures. Automatic resolution potentially eliminates any user downtime. STPL’s Network Monitoring Service includes the basics for monitoring all aspects of network connected devices beginning with the performance monitoring: Network bandwidth, CPU, disk, and memory utilization. On Windows platforms, both Windows performance registry counters and WMI queries are available. The file and directory monitoring can monitor if a file exists, how many files there are in a directory, if the total content of a directory is growing or check if new files are added on a schedule. Log monitoring can trigger notifications and other actions when a log message is encountered that matches a pre-defined filter. Windows event log, Linux/Unix syslog and text log files are supported.The SNMP trap monitor has advanced filtering capabilities and alarm conditions can be setup to respond to specific properties of the received trap. There is also the SNMP query monitor that can poll specified OID’s, perform a simple calculation, and compare the result with a specified value.
IT Policy & Compliance Management
A consistency is the hallmark of an effective, agile organization. With thousands of moving parts, ensuring that every user, every system is being managed consistently is critical. The laptop logging in from the coffee shop across town should be managed as robustly, as completely and as securely as desktops in the office next door. Ensure distributed systems are in compliance with IT policies or recurring services Streamline the process of applying and updating policies to multiple machines based on organization, group, department or dynamic view Achieve greater confidence that distributed systems are secure and in compliance Manage policy enforcement of multiple groups of machines, applying varying and nested policies depending on security risk, business use or service level.
Helpdesk Services
Provide IT support via the STPL Customer Care Center. Provide on-site System & Network Administrators, 1 for every 1500 end points/users. Provide you with a Customer Advocate, to make sure your issues and concerns are addressed and you continue to be thrilled with STPL iMS. (Customer end points should exceed 5000)
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