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Digitization and DMS services include: Document Scanning, Tagging, Archiving and implementing Document Management Systems for easy retrieval.​

STPL’s Data & Content Management services assist organizations in digitizing their physical legacy document. Right from collection of physical document, arranging them in logical sequence, to scanning and Optical Character Recognition, every step has its own Quality Assurance and Reporting to ensure complete accuracy. Data captured is classified, indexed and tagged, metadata extracted, and security and access control defined for each document.  STPL’s proprietary tools enable us to automate all these processes and pass the cost benefit to the customer.
Content thus captured is programmed into a database, an open source Document Management System implemented to ensure that the digitized data can be retrieved easily. Moreover, our customers are able to migrate into digital documentation processes so as not to create more physical document after we leave. Going beyond, our DMS is fully integrated with other office automation tools to assist the client create a ZERO physical document environment.

Service Descriptions

Document Preparation
All documents received are prepared for scanning. This includes the following activities:

  • Cleaning the documents
  • Removal of pins or any other material
  • Indexing the documents
  • Preparing the documents for scanning
  • Recovery of any damaged document to the extent possible

All original records must be examined for their digitization suitability prior to the digitization process. This process will determine the extent of preparation required and ensure successful images are obtained from the digitization process. Considerations of the physical properties and attributes of the original documents will influence the image quality.

When the physical condition of paper documents is not acceptable, possible fixes could be to photocopy the original document or use transparent wallets. Poor quality originals will be marked as such prior to digitization. Ensure when removing staples or other types of bindings, the original document is not damaged.

Document Scanning
The scanning component allows you to scan documents and make them available on your computer by using state of the art, high performance enterprise scanners. This component provides scanning presets that control your scanner by using settings that are optimized for specific purposes. The imaging component makes it easy to view scanned documents on the screen, rearrange multi-page documents, select and manipulate recognized text, annotate scanned documents.

Our high speed scanning services digitize your physical documents with the speed of the wind. STPL follows ISO 9000 compliant quality management processes which enable us the deliver on and exceed the expectations of the client throughout the project life cycle.


Our proprietary workflow management and tracking system uses a combination of automated software tools and manual data entry to offer high quality and cost-effective services. Our double entry, triple-compare process ensures optimal level of accuracy at the character level.

OCR Software takes images, and converts them to searchable text. The output can be a plain text file, or the industry standard today is an image with hidden text PDF. OCR can also be utilized to extract data from scanned images, providing a means to either harvest information, or create index fields for later search.

ICR Software provides the ability to recognize handwritten, or hand printed text. This process can be extremely accurate when the printed text is bound by boxes, or combed form fields. Handwriting is a little more complex, and typically requires many samples to be accurate

Data Conversion
Convert one form of digital data to another. STPL understands that successful data conversion requires thorough knowledge of the workings of both source and target formats. STPL has extensive experience with data conversion projects from both paper-based media and electronic files. Terabytes of legacy content has been converted by STPL either by scanning or keying processes to generate PDF pages, XML files, or client-specified word processor, spreadsheet, database and image formats. STPL’s cost-effectiveness in Data Conversion Services stems from its years of investment in refining its processes and technologies and its investment in its people.
Quality Control/Quality Assurance

All data extracted is passed through strict quality control measures. Data extracted is matched on a 1:1 basis with the original document by an operator. This ensures high level of quality on the extracted data.

Standard Quality assurance practices are followed by STPL on the converted data to ensure the best quality of data output. Converted data is checked on a random basis and any batch found to have discrepancies is entirely rejected and Quality check is performed on these documents again.

Automated tools are used to ensure the quality of data captured by picking up random batches for quality check.

Quality assurance involves checking digitization processes and digital images against benchmarks to ensure that the benchmarks:

(a)     are correct and suitably applied (b) are being met in practice.

Indexing & Tagging

Business processes rely on the accurate transfer of information. A streamlined document archiving strategy is the first line of defense against filing errors, labor-intensive information access, and the threat of paper overtaking your workspace.

DMS Configuration & Data Upload
Data finally arranged in desired filters, indexed and tagged, are uploaded into the Document Management System. The DMS is configured for easy retrieval of documents using various search criteria. Various users with agreed access privileges are created to view or edit the documents.
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