IT Services

IT Services

STPL is a full capability service provider founded in 2000 and has been consulting large enterprises and SME’s on global best practices to implement technology that either creates a new revenue stream for the client or creates enough savings to start a new line of business. STPL endeavors to create solutions that interact with each other seamlessly and provide our customers with a single platform of data visibility and interchange.


Expert consultants from all industry verticals are employed with STPL. They bring with them the experience of Global Best Practices, deep domain understanding & hands on operational experience. Our people have worked with companies like Xerox, Cargil, Unilever, Coke, IBM, Oracle to name a few.


STPL’s technologies are all cutting edge, providing our customers with the latest tools to automate their businesses. Our implementation services take the pain out of Nigerian companies to hire expat resources, however our charges are at par with local companies.
STPL has developed a globally tested and appreciated Hybrid Delivery Model. With the best Project Management Practice, STPL delivers avant garde quality service in a mix of offshore-onsite resource distribution. This gives the customer the best of both worlds at a local price.
Enterprise Resource Planning
STPL’s ERP Practice can assist you in seeking complete visiblity of your supply chain, thereby enabling you for predictive analytics, better control over procurement & sales, stock management, supplier & distributor management. Our customers have seen an increase in 62% of profits with our solution. Read More
Digitization & DMS
Consult an STPL expert to understand how we can assist you to convert your physical legacy documents into digital format. Understand our dual Quality assurance processes that enable us to deliver 99% accurate digitization. Further, understand STPL’s capabilities to future proof your current investments in technology so that you don’t keep creating physical document post our services. Read More
Fixed Asset Verification

Verifying assets manually could be efficient if the number of assets are less, but for corporates having large number of assets at diverse locations, verifying the assets manually become error prone and inefficient. Read More

Infrastructure Management Services
Every business needs automation. Automation assists in reducing operational complexities, deliver larger and better services to customers, replaces redundant manpower from operations and puts them in managing automation. Skilled IT resources are required to manage a company’s IT infrastructure that runs mission critical automations in most circumstances. Skilled IT resources are difficult to locate and are expensive. Businesses end up increasing both top line and bottom line, thereby remain unable to increase profits substantially. Read More
Custom Development Services

STPL offers bespoke software development and other related services to a vast array of customers and industry segments. Read More.




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