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Paywings Payroll and HRMS Solution

Pawings is a comprehensive yet easy to configure and use HR and Payroll Software Solution. More than 100 companies are using Paywings to process their employee salaries with ease.

Paywings Payroll and HRMS Solution covers a wide spectrum of your HR needs such as Absence management, Training and development or Performance management. It has been designed keeping in mind specific needs of African and Middle East companies, where secure access to the solution is primary concern. Paywings comes in flavors of Desktop Based and Web based access.

Paywings Payroll reduces administration time in processing salaries of employees. What earlier could have taken 3 days, Paywings does it in 2 hours. More importantly, the Salary administrator need not be IT savvy to use the system.

Time & Attendance
​​Paywings Time and Attendance integrates with all industry standard Biometric Devices to capture automated employee time in and time outs. For those, who would not prefer a biometric device driven attendance system, can also record attendance of employees directly into the system.
Shift Management
Focused module create for Blue collared workforce, like manufacturing companies, warehouses, logistics companies, who require workers to operate on multiple shifts. Paywings can provide automated shift management to synchronize with the Time and Attendance module.
Absence & Leave Management
Leave can be entered directly into the system and the system can automatically calculate balance of leave and even adjust the salary based on leave availed. Alternatively, it can be integrated with Paywings HRMS- Leave Management module which can provide employee self- service to apply and approve leave requests.
Payroll & Tax Processing
Pawings can be configured for various grades and steps based on the organization’s structure. It has all the functionality to capture PAYE/Employee Tax, Pensions, Loans, Salary Advances and any other statutory deductions. The salary can be configured with all possible break-ups. The system even has the facility to handle Special Earning, incentives, etc.
Reporting & BI
Paywings has comprehensive in built reporting engine that can provide the organization with detailed reports on all aspects including but not limited to, branch wide salary paid, employee salary details, employee pay slips, line of business wise salary split, and many more.
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Our HR consultants are highly experienced in setting up Salary and Grade structures. With thorough and updated knowledge on government regulations and taxation, Paywings consultants are the best option to structure your organization. Consult them today.
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Nigeria Special
Paywings consulting provides you free access to Standard Salary Structures mandated by the Nigerian Labor Ministry. These include CONHESS 10, CONMESS, CONTISS, HAPSSS.


Please note that these templates are free for use but restricted to re-distribution publicly or privately, governed by the Copyright Law, Federal Govt. of Nigeria. 

Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) : Salary Structure for pharmacists, medical laboratory, nurses and other health workers in the health sector of the Federal Public Service.

[wpdm_file id=6]
Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) : Salary structure for Medical and Dental Officers in the Federal Public Service.

[wpdm_file id=7]
Consolidated Tertiary Institutions Salary Structure II (CONTISS II): Salary structure for Non-Academic Staff of Federal Universities.

[wpdm_file id=8]
HAPSSS: Harmonized Public Service Salary Structures

[wpdm_file id=9]
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