Amplitude Bulk Payment Solution

STPL’s Amplitude is an electronic bulk payment solution. It facilitates electronic payments in bulk for banks and financial organizations. The solution has been designed and developed with special emphasis on maintaining sanctity of financial transaction, with proper approval workflows, two factor authentications and more. Further the solution is also flexible to be deployed in various flavors based on the end user’s infrastructure with options of desktop based deployment or direct online with appropriate security measures like firewalls and VPNs.

Amplitude Desk
Desktop based application provided to end user or corporate entity to initiate the bulk payment process. The bulk payments instructions can come from an excel or csv file, or from a third party application, or even from Paywings payroll solution. The system incorporates appropriate security measures like maker checker and approval workflows.


  • Does not require steady internet connection.
  • Can be set up for single user or multi-user network within LAN.


  • Optimal for low bandwidth connections
  • Windows based application
  • Available in English, French
  • Can be hosted within LAN of the company network
  • Dashboard
  • Maker Checker
  • Excel Import
  • Voucher Entry
  • Columns Mapping
  • Mail Alerts
  • Audit Trail
  • Payments Reports
Amplitude Online

Web based version of Amplitude Desktop, which helps the entity or corporate to import the payment into the application, have the approval processes in place, and push the payment to the gateway or the STP.

  • Client can access it from office, home, anywhere
  • Available in English and French
  • Dashboard
  • Maker Checker
  • Excel Import
  • Voucher Entry
  • Columns mapping
  • Mail Alerts
  • Audit Trail
  • Payments Reports
  • Conditional Workflow based on transaction amounts.
Amplitude Central

The Central Application is used for management of Mandates, corporate accounts and account registration; For a Bank it also manages the bank and branch details. This application is used for central user management, corporate user management, relationship managers can be assignment and managed; country management; currency management; FX Rate management; The application also creates transaction reports, audit trails and provides Business Analytics for informed decision making.

  • Maker Checker
  • Mandate Registration
  • Mandate Account Details registration
  • Binding application Users to Mandates
  • Bank(s) Management
  • Bank Branch(es) Management
  • Country Setup
  • Currency Setup
  • Mail Server Setting
  • STP User Registration of Mandate
  • Gateway User registration of the bank
  • Receives the payment from the other application
  • Reports
  • Audit trail
  • Password Expiry
Amplitude Gateway

Desktop based application that resides within the bank to trigger inter and intra bank transactions with ready integrations with standard switch providers.

  • Resides on bank premises and controlled by the bank.
  • Ready interface with Finacle
  • NEFT integration available
  • Working across Africa Payments
  • Direct Posting on Fee Account, VAT Accounts
  • Instant payment for same bank
  • Reports
Amplitude STP

Web based application integrated with Amplitude Desk with additional privilege to end customer to effect payment to beneficiary without direct intervention from bank using a Straight Through Processing.

  • Customer can trigger the payment online
  • Ready interface with Finacle
  • NEFT integration available
  • Working across Africa payments
  • Direct posting on Fee Account, VAT accounts
  • Instant payment within same bank
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