Rivers State Project

ICT in Model Primary Schools of Rivers State

One of the most prestigious ICT projects is with the Ministry of Education, Rivers State in Nigeria. STPL Education has been awarded the implementation of ICT in around 100 Model Primary Schools spread across the entire state. A state-of-art computer lab has been set up in each of these schools and both students and teachers are trained on ICT across the entire academic year


The Aspiration20130918_091619


  • Empower students in the Primary Schools to become the first Digital Generation of the country
  • Ensure that children who grow up in a technology driven environment adapt to it fast
  • Make them technology-proficient and capable of applying technology in everyday life






The InitiativeICT Lab


  • State of art computer labs created in Model Primary Schools across the state of Rivers by the Govt.
  • Interactive Smart Boards provided for better participation
  • Generators provided to ensure continuous electricity for running the labs.
  • Training planned for students from Kindergarten to Sixth grade.


STPL’s Approach


  • Innovative curriculum focused on children’s learning patterns
  • Rigorous recruitment process and training of faculty
  • Robust back-end support system
  • Infrastructure support to ensure smooth classes




The CurriculumPicture8


  • The curriculum designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6
  •  Trains students on applying skills in everyday life
  •  A blend of the Computer Awareness, Productivity Skills and Programming Concepts
  •  Includes productivity tools like Microsoft Office, Graphic tools like Photoshop, Internet skills, Web Page Designing as well as Programming Logic & Techniques


The FacultyPicture6


  • Rigorous recruitment process to shortlist faculty
  • Faculty trained on Curriculum Methodology, Student Handling, School Etiquette, Hardware/Software problem escalation processes, Biometric device training and Technical training
  • Faculty to clear an exam and get certified on all the above before they handle a class
  • Training conducted for all faculty every two months



Support Mechanism


  • Dedicated team for implementing the project
  • Support visits by Academic coordinators to each school every week
  • Support provided to Faculty on implementing curriculum and resolving infrastructure problems
  • Tie-up with hardware support vendors to ensure minimal downtime and standby support in case of delays


The Results




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