ICT in Schools

ICT in Schools


STPL has taken up turnkey projects in different states of Nigeria as well as various countries in Africa to implement ICT in schools. These include setting up State-of-Art computer labs, deploying qualified and trained faculty, training thousands of students on ICT skills, providing world class curriculum and content, etc.


ICT Rivers MPS

Students in ICT Lab


With its decade long expertise in this domain, STPL has evolved a unique approach to teaching technology skills to children in school. With the belief that technology is best applied when it is de-mystified, the whole approach to learning technology skills is made fun and easy to apply in everyday life.


The end result is that students in these schools are becoming tech-savvy and are coming on par with peers from the developed nations. The foundation is thus being laid by these governments for the future citizens of the country.


The rigor of our training for the computer faculty ensures that quality ICT skills percolate down to students. This has come in for much acclaim by our customers. Governments are also happy that such projects generate employability on a large scale for local youth.

ICT Projects
ICT in Model Primary Schools of Rivers State

One of the most prestigious ICT projects is with the Ministry of Education, Rivers State. STPL Education has been awarded the implementation of ICT in around 100 Model Primary Schools spread across the entire state. A state-of-art computer lab has been set up in each of these schools and both students and teachers are trained on ICT across the entire academic year.

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