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Now that you know who your employees are and have also been able to manage their access  to your company systems, it’s time to look outside your organization and evaluate the risk your IT infrastructure is exposed to.



Securing your IT Infrastructure is the Level 3 of your Information Security Roadmap. Some of the ways in which your infrastructure can be prevented from external threat are:

  • Getting an Enterprise Grade Antivirus, look at options from Comodo.
  • Secure your email system from Spams, using Comodo’s Anti Spam Gateway and a Secure Mail Certificate.
  • Back up your data, both in Servers as well as end user computers with Comodo’s Free Backup Manager.



Comodo offers some very inexpensive yet effective solutions at the preliminary level of Infrastructure Security, and that’s why it’s highly recommended. It has reduced our organization’s IT budgets by 30%.



For large enterprises, who would want a holistic and singular approach to all aspects of Infrastructure Security, may consider solutions from Sophos. Instead of going for solutions separately, large organizations can choose UTM devices from Sophos, which provides inbuilt antivirus, firewalls, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), web filtering, email protection, web server protection, VPN and more.



An interesting discovery and effective Return on Investment happened when we implemented Sophos for our own offices. Apart from securing our infrastructure which Sophos is supposed to do, the very first month’s analytical reports revealed that 67% of our data consumption was from end computers downloading Windows OS patches. Operating in the African market, where data is extremely expensive, this was an eye opener. We immediately configured the server which was used to internally distribute the patches and updates to the end computers, and was managed effectively with the Sophos end point manager. Subsequently we moved to a lower data and higher bandwidth plan, with a reduction of 50% towards Internet Utility bills, month on month. Our investment on Sophos in direct monetary terms was within 6 months!

Download Global Security Threat Report 2014

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