Bridging the Digital Divide in Africa

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Long hidden in the shadows of the past, the forgotten continent is now emerging on to the world map in a big way. Having understood the power of technology to transform nations, countries in Africa are now leveraging it in Education as actively as in other domains.


Many nations of Africa now acknowledge that Technology skills are as necessary as reading and writing and want to impart such skills to students across their schools. STPL is proud to have been invited by state governments to help them implement ICT in the Education domain.


STPL has taken up turnkey projects in different countries and states in Africa to implement ICT in schools. These include setting up State-of-Art computer labs, deploying qualified and trained faculty, training thousands of students on ICT skills, providing world class curriculum and content, etc.


With its decade long expertise in this domain, STPL has evolved a unique approach to teaching technology skills to children in school. With the belief that technology is best applied when it is de-mystified, the whole approach to learning technology skills is made fun and easy to apply in everyday life.


The end result is that students in these schools are becoming tech-savvy and are coming on par with peers from the developed nations. The foundation is thus being laid by these governments for the future citizens of the country.


The rigor of our training for the computer faculty which ensures that quality ICT skills percolate down to students has come in for much acclaim by our customers. Governments are also happy that such projects generate employability on a large scale for local youth.





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Gautham More

Chief Executive Officer - Education at STPL Global
My strong conviction is that any form of Education is long-term cultural change management and hence has to be addressed in a phased manner. Organizations will not be sold mere products, but ideas of change, provided the solutions are designed to bring in tangible change. As an Education Technologist passionate about making learning simple and interesting, I believe in demystifying technology and leveraging it in the learning/teaching process. Technology is a great enabler and a powerful tool to scale up quality learning solutions. My experience of 28 years spans across Public Sector bodies, Corporates and Educational entities - rural, affordable, government, private and International – from conceptualization of solutions to designing the products to implementing them. To ensure that quality education becomes genuinely affordable and scalable, have created and implemented low cost ICT based solutions using Open Source, which have also led to better learning/teaching experiences for customers.

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